“To me, the creative process is not complete without sharing, collaborating, and connecting”

Courtney Marse Portrait

Courtney Marse brings a decade of design and business experience to her creative leadership as Vice President of Creative Services at AIMEE LACALLE, a high-end textile design startup that travels the world in search of inspiration. She balances this dual role — both creative and directorial — with her artistic passion, as principal and designer of MARSE, her line of original art and conceptual, engineered textiles.

With an MFA from Louisiana State University and years of university-level teaching experience, Courtney is available for guest lecturing in classrooms and creative businesses, where she uses her personal experience to guide other artists and creative entrepreneurs toward the importance of artistic curiosity and finding balance between the conventional notion of left and right brain skills. Her background in traditional graphic design and her exploration of engineered textiles allows her work to span multiple design fields, blurring traditional boundaries and calling into question where graphic design begins and ends—utilizing hybridity in her process, medium, and the defining terms of her professional and creative work.